Lanzo Golf Club

Lanzo Golf Club

The Lanzo Golf Club is located in the upper Val d’Intelvi in the province of Como , a spectacular location surrounded by greenery and tranquility, ideal for long days and excursions .

Close to the Golf Club, there is the Camping ai Colli Fioriti , ideal for camping enthusiasts and outdoor life. The agreement stipulated between the structures is an excellent incentive for camping guests to attend the club, for a holiday full of luxury, fun and the outdoors, elements that golfers know perfectly well.

After the meeting between the club’s councilors and the owners of the campsite in 2018, it was decided by mutual agreement to enter into a contract, with which camping customers are offered the opportunity to access the club and use its services, with one 20% discount on the listed rates .
To take advantage of the agreement it is necessary to send an email to the club that includes the names of the people concerned. In addition to the name, you must indicate the day and time in which you intend to show up and it is essential to be registered with the Italian Golf Federation .
In any case, to register with the FIG it is sufficient to make an appropriate request to the club, and the cost amounts to only 100 euros, for the duration of a competitive year. The medical certificate must be added to the registration request, also lasting one year (both competitive and non-competitive).

Golf lessons

If you have never played golf and may be interested in learning, our club offers you the opportunity , taking advantage of your stay at the Colli Fioriti campsite , or the packages that our club offers in combination with your stay at your favorite accommodation facility. . The Lanzo golf club has already stipulated other agreements previously with other hotels in the area, of which you can view a complete list on the specific site.
Playing golf is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in life, and it is not a statement for its own sake, but an opinion expressed by many people who have tried and have never stopped; it is no coincidence that it is a sport popular with rich and particularly wealthy people. Golf is currently a little more accessible to everyone, so as to allow a greater number of aspiring players to approach a sport that deserves to be experienced in all its many qualities. In this regard, at our club it is possible to book and participate in golf lessons, which can be private or collective; the lessons are prepared and conducted by the PGA teacher Vincenzo Damonte, a professional of this sport who currently works at our club.

To book the lessons , it is necessary to contact the secretariat and inquire through Ms Arianna Scheggia , whose telephone number is 333 6346697 . If you prefer, you can always use the email and send a specific request.

The golf club in a nutshellLanzo Golf Club

We offer our customers a 9-hole course at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level ; our club appreciates our 4-legged friends and has a beautiful bar and restaurant. On the spot there is also the pro-shop, that is the specific shop for golf, where it is possible to buy everything you need, from clubs to gadgets, from balls to clothing; we keep the best brands on the market and can advise you based on your skills.
We also have a nice practice range consisting of 6 indoor shooting stations and 8 outdoor shooting stations , where you can try your swing with fairway woods and all approach irons to the green. There is also a test bunker and a green where you can try putting. We also have the possibility to offer advanced courses for players with mobility problems.
We await everyone and prepare a warm welcome for you.