Broletto Palace in Como

Broletto Palace in Como

From the Camping ai Colli Fioriti you can reach the city of Como in less than an hour, along the panoramic road along the western branch of the lake . Como is rich in architectural beauties and among these, one of the most characteristic is certainly the Palazzo del Broletto .

The history of the Broletto

The building is located in the historic center of the city, in Piazza Duomo . In its medieval past, the square represented the union between religious and political power: the first was symbolized by the Cathedral, while the other by the municipal building , called Broletto , built side by side.

The Broletto, therefore, is none other than the ancient town hall built in 1215 by the then mayor Bonardo da Cadazzo. It was he who wanted it next to the Cathedral as an expression of the new municipal power which, developing more and more in the diocesan territory, limited the civil authority of the bishop. The name derives from the Latin term “brolo” which means “open space”. In fact, in the palace, city meetings and assemblies took place, and it was also the place in charge of the administration of justice.

Over time, political, religious and social changes have changed its function. In fact, in the second half of the 15th century, during the reconstruction of the Cathedral, a large part of the Broletto was demolished to give more space to the latter. The ancient civic tower , in particular, was transformed into the current bell tower of the cathedral . Subsequently, the Broletto became first a theater and then a notary archive.

Architectural style

The architectural features of the Broletto are typical of medieval municipal buildings scattered throughout the Italian territory. Its Romanesque Gothic style , with a rectangular plan, is characterized by two facades embellished by an elegant wall facing in perfectly squared marble bands in gray and white colors, alternating irregularly with others of pale red color, coming from the Lariane quarries.
On the ground floor there is a large porch , while on the upper floor , illuminated by three large windows, there is a large hall , used for exhibitions and conferences. The upper floor is also enriched by a balcony that allows a magnificent view of the main square .

After visiting the Broletto, there is nothing better than resting sitting in the shade of its porch . While a ray of sunshine illuminates the square, it will not be difficult to travel with the mind to distant times , dreaming of romantic loves, ancient crafts, men and women of other times who have inhabited these places.