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Path of Expressions

The Path of Expressions is one of the most popular activities for tourists visiting the Intelvi Valley , easily reachable from the campsite in the Colli Fioriti .

This path is famous among the inhabitants of the city of Como and the neighboring municipalities because of its wooden masks made from the wood of the trees. It is one of the most beautiful excursions from the campsite, capable of combining trekking with one of the most original art forms present in the area.

The project

The wooden masks present along the path of the Path of Expressions represent the wonderful work created by the artists of MASCH.ERA , cultural association of the municipality of Schignano.
ERSAF , acronym for the Regional Agency for Agricultural and Forestry Services, also actively collaborated in the project. If materially the masks present along the path belong to the talented artists of the MASCH.ERA, the project would not have existed without the support of the municipality and ERSAF.

The masks

The wooden masks of the Path are authentic natural works of art , and have no equal in the Como area. Walking along the path, you come across tree trunks skilfully transformed into masks, human representations, which is the only unique place in itself already fascinating which is the Intelvi Valley.

Tourists arriving here for the first time find themselves in front of a suggestive scenery , interspersed with wooden sculptures born from the creativity of the artists of the Schignano cultural association, famous for their carnival masks.

Technical features

The total duration of the path of expressions is approximately 90-120 minutes , including both the outward and return journeys. The trekking of the path is suitable for everyone , even for those who have never faced differences in height of a certain importance. The only difficulty is the initial uphill stretch, lasting about 20 minutes, which could be difficult for more than one person.

The initial climb, which starts from the hamlet of Posa, however, is not part of the true path of expressions , which instead begins once the difficult stretch is finished, starting from Alpe Nava . During the pleasant walk, between one sculpture and another, there is the possibility to admire in its entirety the panorama that extends over the Intelvi Valley and the nearby Como. In 120 minutes of walking, the difference in height to be faced is equal to 370 meters.
More information can be easily obtained from the official websites of the municipality of Schignano, ERSAF Lombardia and La Maschera di Schignano .

How to get there

While you are a guest at the Colli Fioriti campsite, you could dedicate half a day to hike the path of expressions .
With your vehicle, drive south, following the signs for the town of Schignano. Before arriving in Schignano, follow the signs leading to the locality of Posa, where the path begins. The last inhabited center you find along your road before Posa is called Occagno, also a fraction of the municipality of Schignano. At the hamlet of Posa you can find the parking area, and then continue from here on foot .