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Cycle paths in the Intelvi Valley

Cycle paths in the Intelvi Valley

Two-wheeled tourism has seen increasing success over the last few years, and more and more people choose to combine relaxation and fun with a little healthy exercise in their free time.

Living cycling holidays allows you to discover lesser-known corners of the areas you are visiting; bike rides are ideal for all those outings that animate spring weekends, for both experienced cyclists and for simple enthusiasts who want to enjoy a different point of view while keeping fit. Bicycle is a privileged means that unites the whole family, in the name of healthy life and of a more respectful approach to the environment that hosts us.

Thanks to the growing awareness of the importance of our daily gestures and of the adoption of a lifestyle in harmony with the environment, the people of bicycle tourism has been expanding more and more over these recent years.
Whether it is made up of everyday travellers who love discovering their areas by riding a bicycle, or by intrepid vacationers who like to travel even for long journeys on their bikes, the territory offers really a wide variety of opportunities.

Located in the mountainous are just above Lake Como, the cycle paths of the Intelvi Valley offer a wide variety of different routes, suitable to meet the needs of a very diverse public of bicycle tourists.
The cycle paths of this valley, also known as the Balcony of Italy, include both routes that can be easily covered for quiet bicycle tours at an amateur level, and tracks suitable for those riding a  mountain bike at a more advanced level and are eager to try their hand at impervious paths.

One of the most suitable for adventure enthusiasts – but in moderation – is the ring that runs along the road to Ponna. This track is really simple and can be pedalled on for its entire length, as there are no particularly difficult parts. It is about seven km long and is therefore perfect also for bicycle tourists travelling with their children.
The route starts from the village of Ponna and crosses the villages of Brugheria, Roccolo and Tellero, and then returns to Ponna. The route is easily traceable at any moment, as it is signalled by means of yellow directional arrows.

Among the routes that most represent a challenge for lovers of classic two-wheelers, we find the ring of Orimento, which, with its forty kilometres, can be cycled for 95% about of its length; suitable for the most experienced and fearless cyclists, this ring is able to give great satisfaction to those who feel up to following it.

Considering that you are in the middle of a mountain area, the weather conditions can change quickly, so it is essential to bring along the right equipment in order to enjoy your trip in peace. Special attention should be paid to the weather, which can actually make the difference for any mountain bike enthusiast.
Never underestimate the weather conditions, as well as the condition of the paths, and get the best detailed information before your departure, so as to avoid any unforeseen events that would compromise your trip or holiday.

For lovers of bicycle tourism who want to explore the area thoroughly, the ideal is to make a base camp in an area that is accessible and well equipped for any eventuality.

The Campsite Ai Colli Fioriti has always been a destination highly appreciated by bicycle enthusiasts, thanks to the services offered and to its privileged position, which allows you to easily reach all the cycle paths of the Intelvi Valley.