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Mount Sighignola: the balcony of Italy

Mount Sighignola: the balcony of Italy

Mount Sighignola is located near the Intelvi Valley, in close proximity to the Swiss border, and offers visitors a spectacular viewpoint, so much so that the latter is also known as the Balcony of Italy.
Due to its beauty, Sighignola is included among the most successful excursions offered by the Campsitre Colli Fioriti.

Technical information

The mountain reaches an altitude of 1,320 metres and is part of the section of the Lugano Prealps. On the whole, there are three municipalities falling within the area upon which the mountain extends, namely: Lanzo d’Intelvi (in Italy), Arogno and Lugano (in Switzerland).

The two sides, i.e. the Italian one and the Swiss one, are very different from one another. The former, which overlooks Lake Como, is characterized by a densely wooded area. The latter, on the contrary, is very steep, with a difference in level of about 1,000 metres; this slope plunges into Lake Lugano. As a result, many people prefer the Italian side, which perfectly adapts to the needs of both novices and experienced hikers.

The Balcony of Italy

The viewpoint of Mount Sighignola is also known as the Balcony of Italy. The merit is to be attributed entirely to the magnificent natural terrace, whose position, set among the rocks, seems almost unreal in the eyes of visitors who come here for the first time.

During sunny days, without the obstacle of clouds, from the Sighignola viewpoint you can admire the Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn (Cervino), two of the highest and best-known Alpine peaks on the border between Italy and Switzerland. Moreover, from the terrace of Mount Sighignola you can admire Lake Maggiore in all its magnificence.

And that is not all: the Balcony of Italy offers the chance to see even the city of Lugano and its namesake lake, in addition to the Swiss mountains Brè and Tamaro. All tourists who look around from the terrace of Mount Sighignola recognize the uniqueness of the landscape, bringing back impressed in their eyes a natural postcard impossible to find anywhere else in other nearby areas.

An excursion suitable for everyone

The excursion to Mount Sighignola is suitable for everyone: from young couples, families with children, singles and two-wheel fans (both motorcycles and bikes), up to hiking enthusiasts. During the summer season, the sun that lights the entire Intelvi Valley is able to show the best of Mount Sighignola and its viewpoint, extending its influence as far as the nearby Lake Como.

Whether you leave in the morning or decide to start your excursion after lunch, the walk along the path that leads up to the terrace is always a marvellous experience.

If you are on holiday with children, Mount Sighignola offers a fun playground, where they can have fun with other peers, spending a day immersed in nature and in complete relaxation.

For adults there is a barbecue area, thanks to which you can organize fun picnics.

During the winter season, Sighignola is the ideal place for a winter holiday week.  There are many tracks on the mountain, which allow lovers of winter sports to practice alpine skiing. You can experience all this just a few kilometres from the Campsite Colli Fioriti, which remains open even in winter, to allow skiers to have a comfortable starting point for their skiing holiday.

How to get there

The road to reach Sighignola has a story behind it that deserves to be told: the pathway that connects Mount Sighignola to the municipality of Lanzo d’Intelvi was made by order of Vittorio Bertarelli, the entrepreneur who founded the Touring Club Italiano as well as financing the whole project because he was in love with the Intelvi Valley.

The total length of the road is 5 km and parking located near the Belvedere is completely free.