Mushrooms and chestnuts in Val d’Intelvi

Mushrooms and chestnuts in Val d’Intelvi

With the arrival of autumn , the desire to spend time in the woods grows, admiring the wonderful spectacle that nature offers. The warm and intense colors typical of this season offer delicacies, such as mushrooms and chestnuts , to be enjoyed in excellent company.

Val d’Intelvi is a special place to enjoy autumn and its fruits. The spectacle that this valley offers, with its breathtaking views, is truly inimitable . To fully appreciate the beauties of this wonderful place, the advice is to stay there at least a few days. In this regard, the best solution to comfortably visit the area is the Camping ai Colli Fioriti , where you will find maximum hospitality and courtesy.

The green area around the campsite is particularly rich in mushrooms and chestnuts. Fans of these products will be amazed at their abundance in Val d’Intelvi!


Entering the woods it will be easy to find imposing chestnut trees with large and colorful leaves, and be enchanted by the wonderful spectacle that nature offers. The sea urchins are full of chestnuts , good both raw and cooked . Usually each hedgehog contains more than one chestnut and in the autumn they are already quite ripe . With a good dose of patience you can really collect in large quantities!


Going to the highest parts of the Val d’Intelvi, almost reaching the top of the mountains overlooking the panorama, there are many varieties of mushrooms to collect, of different weights and sizes. Above all, the porcini mushrooms are the ones that are most easily found in this area. Every year thanks to the rains, they grow more and more numerous . Some specimens, then, are particularly beautiful. Just walk along the paths of the woods, and venture into even the most tortuous ones, arming yourself with good boots and a large basket , to go home with a nice booty!