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The Beautiful Villa Carlotta

The Beautiful Villa Carlotta

Spring is the ideal season for planning outings.
Among the many wonders of the Beautiful Country, one of the ideal destinations is the lake, which often combines good food, panoramic views and cultural aspects.

The Beautiful Villa Carlotta is located at Tremezzo, on Lake Como, a destination for visitors who every year go to the shores of the lake to admire its beauty: it offers a pleasant moment of refreshment to tourists, thanks to its enchanting gardens, natural views and architectural beauties.

Located within what can be considered a real natural basin, an idyllic space set between the mountains and the lake.
In this natural cradle, towards the end of the 17th century, Giorgio Clerici, Marquis of Cavenago, decided to have his dream home built.
The marquis imagined it sober and imposing at the same time, a villa framed by the splendid setting of the Italian garden and to compete in beauty with the wonderful Bellagio and Grigne, which the villa overlooks.

Villa Carlotta is classified as one of the pearls of rare beauty that can be discovered in our Country. The reason for its charm lies mainly in the fact that in it we find a perfect coexistence of both the excellence of man’s engineering genius and the wonders that Mother Nature can offer.

Villa Carlotta passed in the following years under the ownership of Gian Battista Sommariva. It was under the guidance of the Sommariva family, starting from the beginning of the 19th century, when it reached the peak of its splendour. The owner wanted to adorn it with many works of art, including, in particular, masterpieces by Antonio Canova and Francesco Hayez.
Moreover, thanks to Sommariva, the Italian garden was turned into a real park where to linger in long romantic walks.

One of the main points of interest of Villa Carlotta is its splendid botanical park, a veritable paradise for the eyes and for a relaxing break.
Among the periods of the year, spring unequivocally represents the ideal season to visit it; it is in this season, in fact, that the flowering of rhododendrons and azaleas (which are present in over one hundred and fifty varieties) livens up the park of the villa with its bright colours. However, thanks to its extremely ancient specimens of cedars and camellias, surrounded by plane trees and sequoias, the park reserves unexpected surprises even in the coldest seasons.
Thanks to the exotic essences present in the park, it is possible to enjoy a splendid experience also from an olfactory point of view.

For those who want to enjoy the beauty of the villa and the lake, one of the most practical solutions is to stop for a couple of days, creating a comprehensive itinerary that embraces the beauties of the area in an extensive way, so as to allow you to enjoy it without haste. If you wish to set your stay in such a way as to experience it as much as possible in the name of freedom of movement, without being subject to the schedules dictated by the hotel facilities, the campsite is thus the ideal solution to feel free to move independently.

The Campsite Ai Colli Fioriti is the ideal starting point for those who want to visit Villa Carlotta and Lake Como, thanks to its proximity and easy connections.