The Via dei Monti Lariani – Path 1: Variants and Where to Sleep

The Via dei Monti Lariani – Path 1: Variants and Where to Sleep

The Via dei Monti Lariani is one of the most interesting among trekking in Lombardy . The views it offers and the numerous historical places it crosses make this itinerary truly unique.

Here we are talking about the first stage of the Via dei Monti Lariani , which from Cernobbio leads to San Fedele Intelvi , along Path 1 . Let’s see together some splendid variations, which Path 1 offers, and where to stop and sleep to recover energy.

What is the Via dei Monti Lariani

Along a path of 125 km , the Via dei Monti Lariani runs along the west side of Lake Como, from Cernobbio to Sorico . The route, designed by the CAI of Como , is completely marked and divided into four parts:

  • Path 1: from Cernobbio to Val d’Intelvi – 28 km
  • Path 2: from Val d’Intelvi to Val Menaggio – 24 km
  • Path 3: from Val Menaggio to Valle Albano – 24 km
  • Path 4: from the Albano Valley to Sorico – 46 km

The tourism website of the Province of Como provides a detailed guide of the itinerary, which can be easily downloaded .

Via dei Monti Lariani – Variants first stage

The first part of Path 1 of the Via dei Monti Lariani starts from Rovenna, a hamlet of Cernobbio, and proceeds uphill towards Monte Bisbino . The second part, on the other hand, flatter and very panoramic, revolves around one of the most beautiful mountains in the area, the Sasso Gordona . Crossing tunnels and military posts dating back to the Second World War , we finally reach San Fedele Intelvi , where Path 2 begins.

Path 1 of the Via dei Monti Lariani is already splendid and quite demanding in itself. However, for those who want more, a few small detours are worthwhile. We have selected two simple variants , which pay off a few extra steps.

Variant 1: Bisbino

At the end of the mule track to the Bisbino that starts from Rovenna, Path 1 of the Via dei Monti Lariani turns right towards Cà Bossi (1188). A pleasant variant at this point is the climb towards Monte Bisbino (1325 m). It takes just 20 minutes more to reach the summit. On the top of the Bisbino, wide and panoramic, there is the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Bisbino , dating back to 1400. Adjacent, there is the Ristoro Vetta Bisbino and, a little further on, an Air Force meteorological station . In addition to offering a wonderful panorama, this variant is rich in historical elements of the Second World War . In fact, it is possible to visit a cave , dedicated to artillery, just below the sanctuary, several trenches , artillery posts and a garrison for surveillance of the underlying territories.

Variant 2: Colmegnone

From Cà Bossi, crossing centuries-old beech woods , Path 1 of the Via dei Monti Lariani arrives at Colma dei Murelli (1200 m). The variant we recommend from here is the one that leads, in about 30 minutes , to Monte Colmegnone (1383 m). The summit of Mount Colmegnone allows you to enjoy an exceptional view in all directions over the Lake Como basin and, on clear days, from the Apennines to the Swiss Alps.

Where to stop and sleep

The Via dei Monti Lariani is structured in such a way that each stage ends in a small town . The first stage ends in the town of San Fedele Intelvi . Path 1 ends here and Path 2 begins, that is the second stage of the Via dei Monti Lariani.

In the village, there is no shortage of hotels and Bed & Breakfasts where you can spend the night. However, an urban center , however small like San Fedele Intelvi, is not the ideal place to sleep. After a day of walking , so rich in nature and breathtaking landscapes , people and cars certainly do not combine rest!

If a tent on the edge of the woods seems too extreme an alternative, your best bet is to opt for a campsite . The Campsite dei Colli Fioriti is located right along the Path 1 of the Via dei Monti Lariani, just before San Fedele Intelvi, no more than 30 minutes on foot.

At the campsite, it is possible to stay overnight in a tent , or in one of the other welcoming structures that the campsite offers. In addition, a restaurant and a bar , inside the campsite, will allow you to refresh yourself in the high season.

For hikers who want to travel light, the campsite offers a common room with 4 beds in 2 comfortable bunk beds, with an external bathroom. You use your own sheet bag or you can rent sheets.

The prices of the campsite, whatever the type of accommodation chosen, are always more than affordable!

The owners, Paolo and Stefano, will also be happy to provide valuable advice , to better continue the following stages along the wonderful Via dei Monti Lariani.