Intelvi Valley

Intelvi Valley

Val d’Intelvi is a magical place in the heart of the Como province where relaxation and nature are close at hand. Located between the towns of Argegno on Lake Como and Osteno, which is instead on Lake Lugano , this valley has the peculiar shape of an inverted Y. The lower peaks of the valley touch the Lario and Ceresio lakes. The upper summit, on the other hand, reaches the highest altitude of the valley , well 1,302 meters , at the locality of Sighignola, in the municipality of Alta Valle Intelvi.

Since the dawn of its history, Val d’Intelvi has retained a strong tourist vocation. In fact, time has made this area of Lombardy widely known for the hospitality of its inhabitants and for its wonderful landscapes . To the astonished eyes of the visitor a wide and sunny valley opens up, in which the slopes of the mountains slide slightly until they sink into the two lakes.

What makes this valley unique is also its strategic position. In fact, the valley is a privileged access route to admire the beauty and tradition of Como , Lugano , the Western Lariani Mountains and the valley itself. Losing oneself among the splendid panoramas of the valley, one therefore has the possibility to fully enjoy all the historical-natural tourist offers of the surrounding territories.

During your visit you can have fun and relax without worries. You don’t even have to worry about heat or humidity. On the contrary, in the hottest periods , Val d’Intelvi is the ideal place to spend a restful holiday. In autumn you can have fun picking mushrooms and chestnuts , very abundant in the area. In winter, however, you can devote yourself to winter sports , such as skiing or walking on snowshoes.

Val d’Intelvi is able to offer the right holiday for any need . It is the perfect location both for a romantic stay with your partner and for a family outing in contact with nature. Furthermore, the valley will not disappoint those who want to explore adventurous itineraries , indulge in some healthy sport , or simply relax .

The Campsite ai Colli Fioriti is an exceptional starting point to make the most of all that Val d’Intelvi has to offer. With its 30,000 square meters of greenery , an unforgettable stay awaits the guests of the campsite. Its numerous accommodation proposals are suitable to satisfy the most diverse requests, and its strategic position allows you to easily reach the most beautiful places in the valley.

Within just 10 km from the campsite , you can reach some of the major points of interest in the Val d’Intelvi. Here are a few.

As for the excursions , near the campsite there are some of the main hills, from which it is possible to admire those views that make the Val d’Intelvi unique and inimitable.
An example is the viewpoint of Monte Signignola, called the “ Balcony of Italy ”. This viewpoint offers an unmissable view, where lakes and mountains meet in a sensational landscape marriage.
Among the most famous peaks, near the Campsite ai Colli Fioriti, there is also Monte Generoso which, with its height of 1,701 meters, dominates the valley. On the summit, above a rocky plateau, is the artistic installation “Fiore di pietra”, an innovative construction by the architect Mario Botta.

Among the other mountains nearby, Monte Signignola , with its 1,302 meters, offers a sensational view. The panorama from the summit, in fact, embraces Lake Lugano, and then extends to Lake Maggiore and Lake Varese, until you see the spectacular Monte Rosa and Cervino.

Other peaks that can be reached or simply admired from the valley are Pizzo della Croce , 1,491 m, Sasso Gordona , 1,410 m, and Monte di Lenno , 1,589 m.
For the more courageous and athletic who decide to undertake the climb, these high peaks offer different suggestive perspectives on the beautiful Lake Como.

Near the Campsite ai Colli Fioriti, there are also many places of interest linked to history , art and culture . The neighboring villages are home to numerous ancient churches , full of works created by the famous Comacini masters . Small and very characteristic museums also allow you to discover the traditions of the valley.