Lugano lake

Lugano lake

The Lugano lake  it is located in the southern part of the Swiss region of Ticino, extending southwards until it reaches Italy. In this area it is possible to swim thanks to the temperate climate. It is an area with a strong tourist tradition, full of things to see, and specialties to eat, which are unlikely to disappoint visitors.

What to see on Lake Lugano

This area offers many attractions, ready to satisfy all tastes, including:

Monte San Giorgio : is an important deposit of perfectly preserved fossils dating back to over 240 million years ago.  It is such a beautiful and fascinating place that it has been included in the UNESCO heritage.
It can be easily reached via the cable car that leaves from Serpiano.

Church of Santa Maria del Sasso : is located in the town of Morcote and was built in the thirteenth century.
Inside this building, it is possible to admire frescoes dating back to different eras, an organ from the 1700s, an illusionistic dome and the late Romanesque bell tower.

Gandria : the path to reach this small village, formerly a fishing village, is a real must for those who love natural landscapes. From here it is also possible, through a detour, to reach the Parco degli Ulivi, where there are numerous centuries-old trees.
In this location there is also the Swiss Customs Museum, better known as the Smugglers Museum, recently renovated, where it is shown how smuggling activities took place between Switzerland and Italy in the past.

Swiss Miniatur Park : located in Melide and home to all the most important Swiss attractions on a 1:25 scale.

Hermann Hesse Museum : lovers of this writer can visit the museum dedicated to him located in Montagnola, where he spent most of his life.

Civic Park : also called Parco Ciani, it is a place with a splendid view of the lake, well-kept flower beds and vegetation.
It has an area of 63 thousand square meters.

Monte Bre : is a panoramic mountain overlooking Lake Lugano, easily reachable via the funicular.
In this place, thanks to the prolonged exposure to sunlight, the Christmas rose grows, a very rare and protected flower.

Lugano Lake: What to Eat

This area of Switzerland offers many delicacies to be tasted, which will surely satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Swiss chocolate : if you go to Switzerland, you absolutely cannot avoid eating its most famous specialty, namely chocolate.
It is exquisite in all chocolate shops, but the Laderach Chocolaterie Suisse, in the heart of Lugano, is worth a visit, where it will be difficult to resist temptation.

Raclette : It’s nothing more than melted cheese to be enjoyed with bread, potatoes or cold cuts, but it’s so tasty it’s addictive.

Fondue : succulent cream based on melted cheeses to dip toasted bread or potatoes.

Swiss cheeses : in addition to the cheese to be melted, there are many other hard and soft cheeses produced in an artisanal way.
Many dairies are open to the public to show how they are made and to sell directly.

Rösti : tasty potato and onion pie cooked like an omelette. One leads to another.