Winter sports in Val d’Intelvi

Winter sports in Val d’Intelvi

Valle d’Intelvi is a magical place in which to fully immerse yourself in the mountains, to ski and savor the adrenaline of winter sports .

Booking a holiday in these beautiful territories is highly recommended. In fact, thanks to the proximity to the cities of Como and Lugano, the connections are always constant, despite the presence of snow, ice and adverse weather conditions.

Where to ski in Val d’Intelvi

Val d’Intelvi offers mountain lovers and sports enthusiasts a wide choice of ski resorts in which to test their skills and get involved. The valley has an extremely favorable location, naturally facing the foot of Monte Sighignola, with a height of 1320 m, along the border between Italy and Switzerland.
To reach the highest peaks, two ski lifts are in operation. An extremely efficient cable car and chairlift allow, in fact, in a few minutes, to arrive at the starting point of the slopes and to carry out numerous descents.

Ski mountaineering

In Val d’Intelvi it is possible to find ski mountaineering slopes at Monte Generoso . Here there is a very famous refuge, in which to rest after the hardships of the ascent and descent. These tracks, in order to protect as much as possible those who frequent them, are well defined and illuminated even in the hours when the sun begins to set, in order to facilitate the liberation of the area before dark.


Boscone is a very popular place for those who ski but, at the same time, do not want to risk or get excessively tired. In this area there are the easiest slopes , designed for those who, although not extremely sporty, do not disdain skiing.

Boscone is also a place much loved by children as, thanks to the attention of the municipal administration and local individuals, a ski school dedicated specifically to children was born a few years ago. From the beginning of the winter season, first on weekends and then every day, the ski instructors organize lessons for the little ones.

Piana Monti

Piana Monti is the locality of Val d’Intelvi organized specifically for cross-country skiing . The wide and spacious valley hosts three ring routes, with varying difficulty.

Cross-country skiing is a very popular winter sport, since it does not require particular physical characteristics, but physical strength is enough to push the ski into the track. At the Piana Monti there are numerous accommodation facilities that welcome tourists with different formulas, such as bed and breakfast or half board or full board, depending on the requests.

Visit the Val d’Intelvi

Nature, sport, courtesy and low prices are just some of the elements that make Val d’Intelvi the ideal place to spend the winter holidays. The proposals offered meet the needs of everyone, both sportsmen and families with children or those who simply wish to spend a few moments of relaxation in a splendid natural landscape. Tourism is experienced in a familiar way. The visitor is welcomed as a guest and accompanied throughout the holiday period with discretion and kindness. There are many who, after having been there for once, decide to return on time every year. Some even decide to buy a second home.